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Compliance depends on crew knowledge

Training is a prerequisite for optimizing the performance of your equipment and safeguarding your investment. In the case of your ballast water treatment system, it also safeguards your compliance. Having the right ballast water treatment system is only one part of securing compliance. The crew must also be able to use it – safely, correctly and efficiently.

With  crew training you achieve:

  • Compliance with regulatory demands
  • Increased safety and equipment reliability 
  • Minimized operating costs and maximized equipment life
  • More sailing time  


Why training

When crews are trained regularly, you can be sure they will operate and care for the system according to best practices. Ensure compliant PureBallast 3 operation with the lowest cost – and contribute to maximizing system lifetime. This ensures that all crew members have updated knowledge of system operating principles and processes, as required by legislation. IMO and the U.S. Coast Guard (USCG) have both emphasized that a lack of crew knowledge is not a valid reason for non-compliance.  



Thank you_640x360.jpgCrew training

Our trainings are available on board your vessel, at our training facilities around the world digitally. Get access to our e-learning package by Integrating it with your learning management system (LMS) such as Seagull or Videotel. By investing in PureBallast 3 training, you give crews competence in the application and the knowledge to operate your PureBallast system in the best possible way.

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Crew training.jpgEngineering training

We offer free engineering company training in PureBallast 3. After the training, you will be able to plan, design and install a PureBallast 3 system in the swiftest manner possible. The training focuses on mechanical installation requirements and best practices, but it also covers control system integration, options and Ex systems.

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PureBallast training Digital2 640x360.jpgE-learnings

Through e-learning, customers can get instruction in remote locations, on board and even at home. Digital training is a valuable complement to our face-to-face courses, and it’s only become more important during the pandemic


Learn to operate Pureballast 3.jpgLearn how to operate PureBallast 3

Operation is a new e-learning course directed to all operational and management-level deck officers. Building on our PureBallast 3 Computer-Based Training (CBT), which should be completed first, it focuses on how to operate PureBallast 3 in a safe and compliant way. Chapters include:

  • Operational modes.
  • Compliant operation
  • Best practices


imagefch5s.pngMake it easier for Crew with Video

Anything that simplifies life on board is good news for your crew. That’s why we’ve created the PureBallast 3 how-to video series, comprising around 30 short videos that complement the written instructions in the system manual. The videos cover the most important PureBallast 3 operations, showing exactly how installation and maintenance should be carried out.

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