Equipped for more success

As your processing partner, we understand that all plants are different, and seemingly small details can have a big impact on plant profitability. And we've drawn from our 100 years of biotechnology experience to provide 10 ways to improve your bio-based chemical plant.

Describe your process, and we’ll help you get the most out it

It's our job to ask the right questions. So here are some initial questions you can expect from Alfa Laval:

  • How will you remove impurities?
  • How much does your steam cost?
  • How fibrous is your feedstock?
  • Is your process based on yeast or bacteria?
  • What’s the ratio between liquid and cell?

Whitepaper: 10 ways to improve your bio-based chemical plant

Our expertise:

  • Feedstock preparation
  • Sugar solution pre-treatment
  • Fermentation
  • Microbial cell removal
  • Concentration
  • Purification
  • Further processing downstream


Dell Hummel

Team Leader, Life Science & Renewable Resources