Optimize service and maintenance

Regular maintenance is key to achieving optimal operating efficiency and return on investment. With well-planned service, you get:

  • Low operating costs
  • High performance
  • Maximum uptime
  • Long maintenance intervals

Service when needed

Condition monitoring is a great help for efficient service planning. A condition monitoring system measures the exact condition of the equipment and lets you know when service is needed. This means you optimize service intervals according to the actual need of the equipment. This ensures high performance, minimizes the risk of breakdowns and reduces service costs.

Performance Agreements

Another way for plant owners to optimize service while minimizing costs is to enter into a Performance Agreement with Alfa Laval. This is a tailor-made service solution that can include any of the services in Alfa Laval’s 360° Service Portfolio. With a Performance Agreement, you have full control over your service budget and total piece of mind.

Global service network, local support

Going from the pilot and demo stage to commercial production often involves a geographical move as well. This makes it important to choose a supplier that has the ability to assist you in different parts of the world as your business develops.

With Alfa Laval as your service partner, you get full support on a global scale. Over the past 130 years, Alfa Laval has built a global service network with a strong local focus. Alfa Laval has service specialists ready to assist you in nearly 100 countries and our efficient logistics chain makes sure you get any spare parts you may need on time.

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Alfa Laval’s 360°Service Portfolio includes all the services you need to ensure high performance, up-time and operating efficiency throughout the entire lifecycle of your Alfa Laval equipment.