Decanter centrifuge service

Fast, reliable decanter centrifuge service

You can trust Alfa Laval service technicians to repair your decanter centrifuges. Vibrations, wear, and clogging cause decanters to gradually lose efficiency over time, resulting in lower production yield. By servicing them on a regular basis, you ensure peak performance and minimize the risk of unscheduled production stops. Eleven of our local service centers are equipped with the tools and expertise to improve the performance of your decanters.


Decanter repair services


Welding of areas damaged by erosion, mechanical wear or chemicals

Parts refitting

Restoring of critical dimensions to OEM specifications

Replacement parts

Replacement of worn out or damaged items


Benefit from various improvements for decanters such as upgrading your back drive, conveyor, and Power Plates.



Upon completion of repairs, you will receive a comprehensive report from the service engineer detailing the findings and, if required, recommendations on how to adjust the equipment to better suit your operating conditions.

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