Beer and beverage concentration

Alfa Laval solutions for beer and beverage concentration remove water from beer, wine and cider after fermentation. Using a high-pressure, low-temperature reverse-osmosis process produces a high-quality concentrate. The beverage concentrate once rehydrated for onward sale has the same taste, aroma and alcohol content as the original product. A concentrate-based supply chain cuts packaging and shipping costs. It simplifies delivery logistics and reduces the environmental impact of distribution

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Reduce your logistics costs and improve your sustainability profile with high-quality beer and beverage concentrates

  • Reduced transport costs due to reduced shipping volumes with beer and beverage concentrates
  • Lower overall supply chain costs due to reduced volumes of beer and beverage concentrate to package, store and transport
  • Reduced storage requirements at the point of sale, such as bars and restaurants
  • Upon rehydration of the concentrate, beer has the same taste, aroma and alcohol content as the original product

Get end-to-end solutions for your beverage concentration needs from Alfa Laval Beer and beverage concentration systems. These compact, reliable and energy-efficient solutions increase the efficiency of production, transportation, storage and draft dispensing at bulk packaging facilities and at the point of sale. This translates into higher productivity and yield, lower capital costs and more sustainable distribution.

Reduce bulk transportation costs by about 65% while reducing the carbon footprint of your supply chain with Alfa Laval beer and beverage concentration systems.


Sensory example: freshly reconstituted

Revos Sanitized Client Sensory Data

                 Comparison of fresh beer and reconstituted Revos beer concentrate






  • Fresh reconstituted lager was subjected to detailed descriptive sensory panel testing
  • Scores were averaged over a large group of panellists


Sensory panel tests reveal minimal to no differences between the control (fresh beer) and the trial (reconstituted beer)


Continuous concentration process, hygienic design

The Alfa Laval beer and beverage concentration systems feature proprietary filters with an ultra-tight membrane pore structure that allows water to pass easily through while retaining the alcohol, aromas, proteins and sugars in the concentrate. The membrane filters withstand high pressures – enabling higher concentration factors – and eliminate dead zones during Cleaning-in-Place (CIP). This translates into more uptime and higher standards of hygienic design with full membrane cleanability.


Space-saving, energy-saving systems

Choosing Alfa Laval’s reverse osmosis concentration technology results in a space-saving system with significantly lower capital costs and lower energy requirements than other technologies, such as freeze concentration or forward osmosis technologies. Moreover, Alfa Laval beer and beverage concentration systems do not require feed degassing, thereby preventing flavour loss.


Higher throughput, lower costs

Parameter optimization for each beverage maximizes throughput and significantly reduces product losses while retaining the product’s flavour profile.

Alfa Laval Revos applications 

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Bulk transport 

Save €5–15 per hl on tanker transport 

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Re-draft system

Re-draft cellar: Allow bars to serve beer or other beverages from kegs of concentrate

Re-draft mobile: Provide a compact serving solution for seasonal venues

How it works

Revos How it works



Alfa Laval beer and beverage concentration systems use a high-pressure, low-temperature reverse osmosis process. Operating at pressures above 120 bar (1,700 psi) achieves a higher concentration factor, thereby reducing shipping volumes and costs.

To achieve a high-quality concentrate, the product flows through a proprietary membrane filter. The membrane allows water to pass through it, due to pore size and polarity, but prevents the passage of proteins, sugars, aromas and alcohol. Water flows through the membrane, while the pressurized beverage becomes more concentrated as it flows along the membrane.

Revos concentration system 3D/VR

Take a 360-degree tour of our Revos concentration module in close-up. Explore the 3D model or combine your experience with VR hardware.


Q&As Revos concentration system

Find answers to the most frequently asked questions about the Revos beer concentration system here.

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Pilot testing and rentals of beer and beverage concentration systems


Put the Alfa Laval Revos concentration system to the test. Send eight kegs of your beer or beverage to one of Alfa Laval’s two testing sites (either in the US or Denmark) and take part in an on-site testing and performance review.

You could also rent and test a commercial-scale unit to determine concentrate throughput and product quality on your site.




Food system services

Alfa Laval Food system services help extend the performance of your food systems by maximizing the performance of your processes. This enables you to:

  • Continually improve your operations to maintain competitive advantage
  • Focus on uptime, optimization and availability
  • Maximize return on investment throughout the life cycle of your food systems

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