Smaller-scale production

Many olive oil producers operate on a limited scale, focusing on artisan quality and processing locally sourced olives that can vary considerably in type, volume and quality.

Dealing with different specifications

That’s why Alfa Laval provides a wide range of equipment specially designed for batch and small-scale continuous production. This makes it easier for you to process different-size batches of olives – with varying specifications – as and when these are ready.

You get efficient machinery that you know you can rely on during short, busy harvests, with the flexibility and control that enable you to fine-tune key processes, depending on different olive specifications.

Smaller-scale production 

Best of both worlds

The unique AlfaOliver system provides a compact, all-in-one olive oil extraction plant that gives smaller-volume producers access to the performance and reliability of industrial-scale plants, as well as free rein for customizing the process to obtain any required olive oil quality and production specifications.

New opportunities

Alfa Laval olive oil processing equipment can also pave the way to new business opportunities, e.g. by enabling you to process other growers’ harvests and adding on-site filling and packaging capabilities.

 AlfaOliver 500 

AlfaOliver - without washing section

AlfaOliver (without washing section)