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More sustainable industrial processes through efficient separation

Industrial processes rely on clean, pure liquids, but these same processes often produce fine droplets and particles that can cause contamination. Alfa Laval separators represent an outstandingly efficient solution to remove unwanted oil, water or particles in a sustainable way.


Innovation through proven technology

  • Safe, efficient and reliable separator performance in even the most challenging applications

  • Removes oil, water or the finest particles, droplets and contaminants from your liquids

  • Fast separation saves time and money, while optimizing OPEX

  • Improves sustainability by prolonging lifetime, enabling liquid recovery and reuse

  • Reduces overall waste and emissions



Alfa Laval separators solve expensive and troublesome separation problems by removing the finest droplets, contaminants and particles. They reduce waste and emissions while helping to extend equipment lifetime. Our centrifugal separators also provide shorter process response times and less process inventory.

Separation for success

Many manufacturing industries use filtration to clean liquids and remove contaminants, but separators from Alfa Laval can provide a more efficient, more sustainable and more cost-effective separation solution. Our separators can offer improved performance that’s suited to your specific needs, while reducing waste and improving sustainability. Alfa Laval separators are better for your business, and for the environment.

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Quick, continuous cleaning




  • Removes water, abrasive metal fines and other particles as small as 2 μm

  • Plug-and-play module for easy installation

  • No plant redesign required

  • Disc stack technology speeds up the separation process

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