Palm oil processing

Well-proven palm oil processing solutions for the whole supply chain including palm oil installations with capacities of up to 3000 tons per day. Wide-reaching local service presence also enables us to stay close to you and help keep your operations online at its peak efficiency throughout its lifetime.

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  • Reduce oil losses and improve your processes
  • Take proactive steps towards meeting food safety regulations
  • Minimize the negative impacts on the environment while saving raw materials, energy and waste management costs
  • Adhere to increasingly stringent environmental regulation
  • Save total cost of ownership with preventive equipment maintenance
Every drop of oil counts. Through customized solutions backed with half a century of experience in the palm oil growing region of South East Asia, Alfa Laval has helped countless palm oil industry players increase yield, efficiency and profit. Much more than an equipment supplier, we handle engineering, design and turnkey deliveries. Find out how we can help add value in your palm oil supply chain.

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Meet the new PANX 800

With the introduction of Alfa Laval's new palm oil decanter centrifuge model, PANX 800, the PANX range is now suitable for every size of palm oil mill, from 30 to approximately 90 tons of fresh fruit bunches (FFB) per hour, and for a variety of crude palm oil applications.

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Downtime is a costly business. With a total of 11 service centres peppered across South East Asia, you can be sure of getting local support that is close to you, in the shortest time possible. From start-up and commissioning to basic maintenance, upgrades, online monitoring and process optimization, partnering with Alfa Laval ensures top level efficiency and full control over your service budget.

On top of that, our Asia Pacific Distribution Centre for spare parts located in Singapore means a reliable supply of essential spare parts for times in need. 

With tailored preventive maintenance agreement, you can also be guaranteed of a peace of mind where all services are planned in advance. We handle the practicalities; you focus on your core business.


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