Equipment for pilot tests in plant-based protein processing


The ability to perform reliable tests that accurately predict full-scale process behaviour is crucial when optimizing existing processes or experimenting with new recipes and raw materials. 

Alfa Laval offers a special range of test and pilot-scale equipment, including all core components required in plant protein production. Choosing Alfa Laval equipment ensures consistent results when scaling up and minimizes risk, time, and cost during commercialization. 

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Get reliable data 

Our compact plug-and-play pilot skids make it easy to perform tests to establish proof of concept and assess performance, facilitating process optimization and scale-up. So, whether you are a start-up, a technology centre, or an established producer, we have the perfect solution for you.  

Depending on your preferences, you can purchase or rent all the necessary equipment, or perform all the required tests at our test facilities.  

Our team of application experts is glad to assist when you are testing and developing new recipes and processes or optimizing existing processes. 


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Separator test units 

We help you find the ideal separators for your processes. We offer extensive testing possibilities, allowing you to test our equipment throughout your development process – from initial lab tests, via pilot tests, to full-scale production.  

You can perform tests at your site using equipment from our Equipment Pool. Our Equipment Pool has a wide range of separator models suitable for different plant-protein separation duties, making it easy to test and find the optimum equipment for your process and raw material before investing. 

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Foodec test modules 

The Alfa Laval Foodec pilot decanter skids are compact, easy to install and operate, and offer valuable insights when developing new products or optimizing existing processes.  

Foodec decanter skids are available for models of different sizes and can be configured to match your trial and/or production requirements. These skids are equipped with an advanced control system, making it easy to adjust parameters and refine lab tests. As a result, validating performance before scaling up to commercial production has never been easier. 

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Membrane test units 

Alfa Laval offers fully integrated membrane filtration systems for R&D, upscaling, and process optimization. We offer units in sizes suitable for lab and pilot-scale test runs. These units make it easy to test different membrane types, and you get valuable insights about the concentration that can be achieved, how liquids with varying viscosities behave, indications of fouling and cleaning properties, data on the purity of the protein fraction, and the expected yield. 

With our test units, you can: 

  • Get insights about the long-term stability of the process. 
  • Receive solid data before scaling up to commercial production. 
  • Produce product samples that can be sent to potential customers. 

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Evaporation test units 

Verify performance, efficiency, and cleaning requirements directly on site with an Alfa Laval mobile pilot evaporation system or conduct tests at the Alfa Laval Innovation and Test Centre. Our team of process specialists will help you find the optimum solution based on your requirements and operating conditions.  

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