Ten top tips for spiral heat exchangers

Ten top tips to keep your spiral heat exchanger in tip top condition

  1. Ten top tips spiral heat exchangersNever open a unit if one or both channels are pressurized. Any attempt to do so may cause personal injury and/or damage the unit and its surroundings.

  2. Ensure that key operating conditions (temperatures and flow rates) match the original specifications.

  3. Lift the unit by its lifting lugs and not by the connections or the cover lug.

  4. During transportation or prolonged periods of shutdown, cover gaskets and/or hook bolts may loosen, so please tighten in a diagonally opposite sequence.

  5. Make sure all residual air has been removed from the unit before start up.

  6. Open and close valves slowly to avoid water hammer from pressure surges during start-up and shutdown.

  7. For fluids which contain solid particles, always operate in accordance with the design rate to avoid thickening or clogging.

  8. Use Cleaning-In-Place (CIP) or back flushing to avoid the need to open the heat exchanger for cleaning.

  9. Cover gasket must be changed after each opening, so keep a spare gasket on site.

  10. In case of shut down either for a long period, using corrosive fluid or threat of a freezing risk, flush and/or drain the heat exchanger.

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