Ten top tips for Alfa Laval  Compablocs

Ten top tips to keep your Alfa Laval Compabloc in tip top condition

  1. Ten top tips Alfa Laval CompablocEnsure that key operating conditions (pressure, temperatures and flow rates) match the original design specifications.

  2. Use pre-filters and strainers to protect the Compabloc from foreign objects and fouling.

  3. Open and close valves slowly to avoid water hammer from pressure surges during start-up and shutdown.

  4. Make sure that the unit is properly vented. For large units the vent connections should be kept opened/connected.

  5. To ensure stable operation and smooth temperature and pressure ramp up during start up or shut-down, check that the control system complies with the Compabloc manual.

  6. Use predictive maintenance including regular checks of the pressure drop to determine the cleaning frequency required.

  7. Use chemical Cleaning-In-Place (CIP) or mechanical cleaning (steam or high pressure water jets) to remove deposits and fouling to avoid having to open the exchanger unnecessarily.

  8. Panel gaskets must be changed after each panel opening, so keep a spare set of panel gaskets on site.

  9. After a long shutdown, double-check the tightening torque of all panel bolts before re-starting operation.

  10. In case of an external leakage, through the gasket, tighten the panel bolts to nominal torque values or replace the panel gaskets. If the leakage cannot be fixed, contact Alfa Laval for advice. Field repair may be possible.

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