Reduce environmental and health risks with the Alfa Laval PureVent 2.0 centrifugal oil mist separator. It removes up to 99.9% of oil from crankcase gases.

PureVent 2.0油气分离器-Oil and gas separator

Outstanding cleaning efficiency

  • Performance can’t be matched by traditional cyclones, air traps or filters
  • Recovered oil can be re-circulated to the oil sump and used for engine lubrication
  • 16000 hours service intervals eliminate the frequent maintenance requirements associated with filter replacement
Crankcase emissions cause environmental and health problems – oil mist pollutes the sea and can soil a ship's engine spaces and decks. Alfa Laval PureVent 2.0 uses high-speed centrifugal techniques to separate oil mist and other particles from crankcase gas. Then you can safely release it into the atmosphere or re-circulate it to the turbocharger.

How it works

PureVent 2.0 uses high-speed centrifugation to remove oil mist, soot and unburned fuel from crankcase gas.

The separator unit has a stack of 185 rotating discs made from lightweight polymer. Crankcase gas enters at the bottom and passes into the disc stack. Centrifugal force presses oil and soot out. This leaves air virtually oil-free, so you can responsibly release it into the atmosphere.

For additional environmental benefits, collected oil can be recirculated through the separator and used again in the engine lubrication system. It can also be drained for use in shipboard incinerators or stored for disposal.

Select your ideal design

  • Open design – releases oil-free crankcase gas directly into the atmosphere
  • Closed design – re-circulates clean gas to the turbocharger, eliminating all crankcase emissions and the risk of turbocharger fouling
PureVent cut 960x960