Fuel conditioning modules

There are always challenges on the horizon when it comes to the marine industry. Whether that’s due to different legislations around emissions, through fuel costs, or through upgrading the engines, there will always be some things that remain uncertain. With Alfa Laval’s range of Fuel Conditioning Modules, though, you can be prepared for whatever the future holds.

Fuel Conditioning

A range of boosters to meet any fuelling needs

  • We offer a full range of boosters that make it possible to find exactly the right solution for the fuel you are investing in
  • Smooth ramping to ensure that engine parameters are always met, and that there’s no risk of seizure
  • Automated changeover process to ensure you can make more use of your time and resources, with no need for direct human input
  • Capability to switch to greener fuels, knowing you will have the booster with the right capability to help reduce environmental impact
Alfa Laval have been engineering fuel boosters for years, and our fuel conditioning modules in the field are backed up by thousands of smooth operating hours. Our options for alternative fuels are proven, reliable, and efficient, and can help you make the move towards running cleaner vessels. They’re user friendly with an intuitive touch-screen panel, and offer the automation you need to get the right results every time.

FCM Challenges – Fuel Changeover

Due to various emission control areas, ships need to be able to change fuels quickly and efficiently. This is a complicated process, as there can be huge differences in optimal operating conditions for the fuels, and viscosities need to be kept within a tight range. Alfa Laval has the solution.

FCM challenge fuel changeover640x360

FCM Challenges – Unpredictable fuel scenario

Engines and vessels are constantly evolving and advancing, and the emissions regulations around the world are always subject to change. This can make preparations for the future a little challenging, but Alfa Laval has developed a range of boosters equipped to deal with whatever happens.

FCM challenge unpredictable fuel scenario640x360

FCM Challenges – Running on MGO

Ships are usually designed to run on heavy fuel oil, but as regulations change many ship owners are looking to fuel vessels with marine gas oil (MGO), which is lighter and more environmentally friendly. However, it’s a challenging process to switch between these fuel types, and MGO needs to be conditioned properly. Alfa Laval has the answer.

FCM challenge running on MGO640x360

Services to extend your equipment performance

We support you with all types of services and training required for high performance and maximal ROI throughout the lifespan of your investment. With Alfa Laval as your service partner, you ensure reliable uptime and high efficiency while keeping total cost of ownership to a minimum.


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