Pretreatment systems for biofuels

Demand for biofuels from edible, inedible or used fats and oils keeps increasing every year and is driven by factors such as blending mandates and sustainability. Besides biodiesel based on fatty acid methyl ester (FAME), hydrotreated vegetable oils (HVOs) have recently gained ground due to superior diesel qualities, including those appropriate for jet fuel applications. Alfa Laval has a market-leading position with respect to pretreatment process systems for any raw material for these biofuels.

Biodiesel production

Benefits of our pretreatment systems of vegetable oils for biodiesel production

  • Vast experience in similar technology from edible oil production
  • Pretreatment designs to handle multiple feedstocks.
  • Optimized yields and energy consumption with chemical or physical pretreatment, depending on the range of design feedstocks

Since the biodiesel boom took hold at the beginning of this millennium, Alfa Laval has built hundreds of similar plants based on our vast experience in pretreatment systems for edible oil production. Let us inspire and advise you for the optimum pretreatment process!


For biodiesel production, Alfa Laval offers key technologies in thermal and separation solutions for transesterification, washing and drying and purification. See the list of key products of heat exchangers, separators and mixers here.


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