Alfa Laval - 5 ways to boost performance

5 ways to boost heat exchanger performance

Plate-and-shell heat exchangers have become well established in industry as a compact alternative to shell-and-tubes. However, conventional plate-and-shells are notoriously prone to fatigue that can lead to downtime in operation. This and other design limitations greatly impacts their effectiveness in production.

DuroShell, a new type of plate-and-shell heat exchanger from Alfa Laval, has been engineered specifically to overcome these challenges. If your operation is considering switching from shell-and-tubes or replacing your existing plate-and shells, here are five reasons why DuroShell makes today the right time for change:

How to minimize fatigue problems in plate-and-shell heat exchangers

Increase uptime in positions with fluctuating temperatures or pressures.

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1 Durability for increased uptime

DuroShell consists of distribution tubes running through a laser-welded plate pack. This unique internal design provides excellent resistance against the fatigue problems that plague conventional plate-and-shell heat exchangers. As a result, DuroShell can offer a longer service life with maximized uptime.

2 Robust versatility

DuroShell has been designed to fit a wide range of processes, including some of the most demanding applications in industry. The robust, unique construction handles higher operating pressures than conventional plate-and-shell designs. In fact, DuroShell can perform in duties with pressures up to 100 barg (1450 psig) or temperatures as high as 450 °C (842 °F).

3 Designed for reliability

A number of plate-and-shell designs are marketed as openable technology, which perhaps seems like an advantage. But by opening a heat exchanger, you risk creating significant problems for long-term operation and reliability. DuroShell’s closed, fully welded design ensures greater lifetime durability and improved pressure performance.

4 Even greater thermal efficiency

The patented roller coaster pattern of DuroShell’s cut-wing plates maximizes turbulence to minimize the risk of fouling. This allows for 15-20% higher thermal efficiency than other plate-and-shells, greatly reducing energy consumption over the course of the equipment’s lifecycle.

5 Opportunity for bigger savings

DuroShell offers savings on installation thanks to an even more compact and lightweight design than conventional plate-and-shell heat exchangers. This is on top of reduced energy demands and cost-effective maintenance solutions, which in turn ensure a noticeably lower total cost of ownership. These reasons and more have made DuroShell a suitable choice for a wide variety of demanding positions, particularly in the power and petrochemical industries.

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Alfa Laval DuroShell RollerCoasterRollerCoaster

Robust and efficient performance

A patented plate pattern optimizes thermal efficiency with improved fatigue resistance, flow distribution and mechanical strength. 

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Alfa Laval DuroShell PowerPackPowerPack

Optimized flow distribution and fatigue resistance

Patented design enables improved fluid distribution, mechanical strength and unparalleled fatigue resistance. 

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