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Compact performance for the toughest demands

Alfa Laval DuroShell for marine thermal applications

Modern onboard duties for heat exchangers involve tough demands. More and more, crews need equipment that reliably performs under conditions with extreme pressure and temperature ranges. At the same time, these heat exchangers need to offer higher thermal efficiency, while fitting within smaller vessel space limitations.

For today’s demanding marine gas applications, there’s Alfa Laval DuroShell. Compact and engineered to withstand fatigue in duties with high pressure cycles or temperatures as low as -196°C, DuroShell outperforms other heat exchangers – including conventional plate-and-shell designs. That’s why we call it ‘plate-and-shell made tougher.’ 


A more compact solution for onboard space restrictions

Space is a precious commodity on most vessels, and the addition of any type of equipment can often mean a fresh set of concerns when it comes to placement and installation. To address these issues, DuroShell is designed with a much smaller footprint than traditional heat exchangers for marine gas duties, including other types of plate-and-shell units.

Alfa Laval’s unique CutWing plates enable multipass within the shell, with makes DuroShell units smaller and lighter than conventional designs. Since DuroShell fits easily on a skid, it’s also much simpler to install. Additionally, DuroShell is the only plate-and-shell heat exchanger that can operate with both vertical and horizontal configurations, creating even more options to save a tremendous amount of onboard space. 

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Unique features for more efficient thermal performance

Improving energy efficiency is critical in every industry, and the marine industry is no exception. It has never been more important to have reliable, efficient technology that makes it possible to reduce fuel consumption and recover more heat waste.

In addition to increasing mechanical strength, the unique Alfa Laval features in every DuroShell unit also improve thermal performance. One example is the RollerCoaster™ plate pattern, which increases turbulence, leading to higher efficiency within a smaller footprint. Other features include Alfa Laval’s unique PowerPack™ distribution tubes, which enable optimal use of the entire CutWing plate surface.

These features not only ensure more efficient heat transfer from the start. They also reduce the risk of fouling, to offer long-term efficiency that conventional plate-and-shell designs simply cannot match.


Plate-and-shell made tougher

Heat exchangers employed in challenging marine gas positions, such as those used for LNG vaporizing, face tough conditions. Frequent and extreme changes in pressure and temperature can cause mechanical stress, which, over time, leads to equipment failure. These duties demand the most robust technology.

Based on decades of experience with challenging heat transfer applications, Alfa Laval developed DuroShell with exactly these issues in mind. Unique laser welded construction along with features like the RollerCoaster™ plate pattern and PowerPack™ distribution tubes provide unparalleled mechanical strength. As a result, DuroShell can resist stress fatigue far better than traditional heat exchanger alternatives and conventional plate-and-shell designs.

In marine applications, DuroShell can handle repeated cycles of pressures up to 100 bar* while providing reliable and efficient thermal performance. It is also able to withstand large temperature differences in fuel gas supply systems, supporting temperatures as low as

-196°C and as high as 350°C*. For LNG duties, where freezing damage is a particular concern, DuroShell has been shown to dependably resist freezing with entry temperatures of 170°C and lower.  

* Exact pressure and temperature tolerances will vary according to specific application. Please contact your Alfa Laval representative to learn more.

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