Gasoline cooler for major Gulf Coast refinery

Alfa Laval Niagara Wet Surface Air Coolers (WSAC®) are efficient closed-loop, evaporative cooling systems designed for the power, process, wastewater, natural gas and petrochemical industries. These fluid cooling and vapor condensing systems are optimizedfor industrial applications where rugged designs, and cost-effective, efficient closed-loop cooling and condensing duties are required.

DATE 2017-06-26

International oil company

Location: Texas, Gulf Coast

Application: Cooling gasoline streams in a refinery process

The challenge: Aggressively treated, corrosive spray water used for cooling gasoline streams to critical outlet temperature.

The solution: A Niagara Wet Surface Air Cooler (WSAC®) was custom designed using FRP and other materials to achieve desired results.


  • FRP lined galvanized steel basin and casing for protection from aggressively treated spray water
  • Admiralty tubes and brass tube sheets used to fabricate ASME tube bundles
  • Bolted removable headers for access and cleanability of inside of tubes
  • Ability to achieve critical outlet temperature during the hottest summer months