Making the world’s buildings more energy efficient

Buildings are responsible for about 40 % of the worlds energy consumption, and heating and cooling is responsible for about 60 % of this energy use. However, by adopting more energy-efficient heating and cooling systems, as well as clean energy technologies, we can reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions in the building sector by 50%. We can also move away from gas as a source of energy altogether. At Alfa Laval, we offer the solutions needed to support this transition.

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GP Clima case
These new buildings are designed and built according to the latest concepts and norms to ensure energy efficiency. Alfa Laval heat exchangers are enabling efficient heating and cooling to save energy and thereby reduce CO2 emissions.”

Marco Gesilao, GP Clima

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Why you should choose Alfa Laval for energy efficient solutions

  • Alfa Laval's heat exchangers have provided efficient heating and cooling solutions for both residential and commercial buildings for nearly a decade.
  • We have a global presence, with local service centres around the world, ensuring that you receive efficient service no matter where you are.
  • Our product range is AHRI-certified, guaranteeing reliable and holistic solutions for all your heating and cooling needs.
  • Our research and development teams constantly work to stay ahead, offering the latest sustainable heat transfer solutions for the HVAC industry.
  • We work closely with our customers to identify energy-saving opportunities in all processes. Join us to find out how to reduce your energy bills.

Trend in Industry

Energy poverty is a growing problem worldwide, particularly in Europe, where around 36 million people could not keep their homes adequately warm during the winter of 2020. But did you know that only seven countries across the EU and UK account for 80% of Europe’s entire residential gas use? To reduce dependence on gas and improve energy efficiency, we need to implement a range of solutions, such as:

  • Renovating old houses and public buildings with new, more energy-efficient heating and cooling solutions.
  • Strengthening existing building codes to meet energy efficiency standards.
  • Connecting buildings to updated heat network systems or district heating, providing alternative energy options.
  • Implementing digital solutions to monitor and optimize energy use in buildings, including larger system solutions utilizing buildings as thermal storage during peak hours.
  • Installing heat pumps in houses and reusing heat in commercial buildings.
  • Introducing cooling strategies in high-demand regions to tackle exponential air conditioning growth.
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Sustainable solutions – Be an energy hunter to reduce your energy bill

If you're looking for inspiration to start reducing your energy bill, Alfa Laval can help. Reach out to us to discover the energy-saving opportunities in your existing infrastructure and learn how much you could save. Or, read about how much our customers have saved thanks to energy efficiency.

1. AHRI PC GPHE pressure breaker in cooling applications
2. Condenser protection in cooling applications
3. Turning the chiller off in cooling applications
4. Heat recovery from the cooling tower for tap water preparation
5. District heating pressure breaker with closer approach temperature
6. Ideal pressure drop to specify


Alfa Laval’s heating and cooling solutions

Achieving net zero requires equipping houses and buildings with efficient heating and cooling solutions. This means finding the right solutions for new builds and updating existing structures. One crucial example of this is connecting to district heating and heat networks. At Alfa Laval, we offer a range of solutions that enable using renewable energy and reusing of excess heat from substation applications to heat entire districts. We even have components that support smaller-scale heat reuse at the end-user site. Our products work seamlessly with natural refrigerants, reducing your environmental impact regardless of which solution best fits your specific process.


Pressure breaker

Taller buildings like skyscrapers and structures requiring large energy systems face a challenge where the static head creates pressure that can exceed the capacity of the chiller condenser or air conditioner. With an Alfa Laval plate heat exchanger, you can split the circuit on any floor to maintain the correct levels and reduce the strain on your pumps, piping, and valves. The best part of this solution is that it can be used as a pressure breaker, adding as many as your building height requires. But that's not all; our "close approach" technology allows for the transfer of practically all the cold to the top of the building with minimal loss.


Gasketed plate-and-frame heat exchangers

  • Flexible solutions that can be adapted to the duty ensuring highest thermal efficiency
  • Compact designs save space and are easy to service and maintain
  • Solutions to reduce fouling, stress and corrosion for maximum uptime

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Semi-welded plate heat exchangers

  • Highly efficient, reliable technology for applications that can cause pressure or temperature fatigue
  • Guaranteed long sealing lifetime thanks to unique Alfa Laval RefTight™ sealing system
  • A dependable solution for preventing cross-contamination between media

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Brazed plate heat exchangers

  • Lightweight copper-brazed construction with compact footprint
  • Greater thermal efficiency than comparable shell-and-tubes
  • Flexible options to fit a variety of applications with all different types of media/fluids
  • Ideal for natural and low-GWP refrigerants

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Fusion bonded AlfaNova heat exchangers

  • True 100% stainless steel construction
  • Strong corrosion resistance with aggressive media
  • Prevents metal contamination in drinking water and other hygienic applications
  • High thermal efficiency and compact footprint

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Explore our case stories

Do you want to reduce your energy consumption and costs while improving comfort and sustainability? Our case studies showcase numerous applications where our heat exchangers have made a difference. Gain insights into how to achieve your energy efficiency goals and discover the benefits of our solutions.


Consultant? System integrator?

Are you a consultant? Look here! With expertise from decades of experience in heat exchange, Alfa Laval offers knowledgeable resources for today’s heating and cooling challenges. Discover answers to complex questions on everything from energy efficiency to natural refrigerants, along with helpful tools that make it simpler to find the right technology for your application.

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AHRI-performance-certified heat exchangers for confident thermal performance

Certification from the Air-Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration Institute (AHRI) is the only global third-party verification of thermal performance, giving you independent assurance that your plate heat exchanger will perform in accordance with the manufacturer’s published ratings. Alfa Laval offers AHRI-certified gasketed plate heat exchangers, brazed plate heat exchangers, and fusion-bonded plate heat exchangers.


Smart selection!

Stop the time-consuming search on websites or in catalogues! The right heat exchanger for your specific application can now be found faster than ever before - with the Alfa Laval Product Catalogue.

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Energy Hunter – Sustainable solutions by hunting for waste energy

To improve energy efficiency, we all need to hunt down and reduce waste energy. Alfa Laval has the technology, expertise, and service to maximize your heat transfer efficiency. Use our new tool to calculate how much you can save today.

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Making efficiency last for decades

A poorly functioning heat exchanger may affect safety, product quality and energy costs. Failure may lead to costly downtime and major losses in production. By regular and proactive maintenance of your gasketed plate heat exchanger performance is preserved and operations kept trouble-free and predictable.

We have the expertise to help you whether you experience a problem today, wish to prevent future issues or want to solve the problem yourself with our online troubleshooter.

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Digitalization for energy efficiency

Smart cities and digital intelligence could help cities to make progress toward meeting 70 percent of their Sustainable Development Goals. Digital services can already have a significant impact on heating and cooling systems in cities, making them more sustainable.

Enabling remote monitoring and performing dedicated analytics allow more precise and efficient operation, more informed decision-making, and targeted interventions. The development of more sophisticated and efficient heating and cooling systems is only possible through this digital transformation, which can provide reliable and affordable heating and cooling services to urban areas while reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

The Smart Heat Exchanger

HVAC and the Sustainable cities

Consuming more than two-thirds of the world’s energy, our cities play a crucial role in tackling the climate crisis. A considerable part of cities’ energy consumption is for heating and cooling, which means improving energy efficiency is paramount. Alfa Laval has almost a century of experience in heat transfer and recovery and aims to become carbon neutral by 2030. Let us be your partner in the transformation to a sustainable tomorrow.

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