Green customer processes

Technologies serving the environment

Alfa Laval’s core competences within heat transfer, separation, and fluid handling technologies are utilized in a large number of industrial and environmental protection processes. We are committed to continuously improving our products and services to provide our customers with an opportunity to reduce their operation costs whilst improving environmental performance.

Heat exchangers

Various solutions for heat transfer are used in most industrial processes. Heat exchangers transfer heating or cooling, for example, from one fluid to another, and are of great importance for efficiency in the entire manufacturing process.

Alfa Laval is continuously developing more efficient heat exchangers to maximize energy utilization. For instance, we keep extending temperatures and pressures of our plate heat exchangers so that they can replace less efficient heat transfer technologies.

Centrifugal separation and filtration

Increased separation efficiency results in greater product yield with consequent savings in natural resources and energy.

Because our high-speed separators, decanter centrifuges and filters provide excellent separation, our customers enjoy improved yield, better recycling, reduced waste and lower energy consumption. Examples of separation duties are treatment of crude oil, fuel oil, lubricating oil and industrial fluids, dewatering of sludge in wastewater treatment plant and cleaning of crankcase gases from truck and ship diesel engines.

Fluid handling

The ability to thoroughly clean and sterilize food and pharmaceutical processing plants is essential for efficient operation. Through good design and innovative manufacturing techniques, Alfa Laval is constantly striving to improve the ease of cleaning of the pumps, valves and pipes that we sell. This ensures that a minimum of cleaning fluid is needed in a process and the risk of contamination of the product is reduced.

Our key technologies are used in areas of vital importance for the environment:

Fresh water

  • Cleaning of wastewater and reduction of sludge volumes
  • Recycling of effluents
  • Desalination of sea water
  • Cleaning of ballast water onboard ships
  • Treatment of bilge water onboard ships

Clean air

  • Limitation of CO2 emissions
  • Reduction of sulphur emissions
  • Production of renewable fuels
  • Cleaning of crankcase gases from diesel engines
  • Energy conservation
  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Improved heat recovery
  • Efficient domestic heating
  • Natural refrigeration
  • Maintaining food fresh
  • Efficient air-conditioning
  • Minimized refrigerant emissions

Alfa Laval’s Sustainability work is based on our Business Principles.

The Business Principles of Alfa Laval

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